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Hiking Trails near Hörby (Skåne, Sweden)

Hörby, Stora hotelletHörby is an easy destination to reach. 
Hörby Bus Station “Hörby Busstation” is a 40-minute bus ride from Lund C (with the Express Bus).
Tips:    Go by bus with  Skåneexpressen.

From Hörby it’s only a short walk to The Skåne Trail “Skåneleden”. 

Hörby is a vibrant community whose rich history can be seen in its town center, picturesque squares, beautiful old stone bridge, grand hotel, and many quaint buildings. The town mill is the oldest standing structure in Hörby and today it houses a restaurant.

Ån genom HörbyHörby’s annual open-air market is the oldest in Skåne and is held in the Middle of town, with stalls selling local food and goods along the streets. Every year around 100,000 people visit the market.

Every year (in May), Hörby’s Cultural Festival offers entertainment events for the whole family including scenes with local as well as well-known artists.

Victoria market  “Viktoria marknad” is another annual market, which is held in early September.   


Hörby: Karnas backe, med frisbee-golf  


The Outdoor Recreation Area "Karnas Hill"

Karnas Hill  (see image above)
is a scenic outdoor recreation area, just to the south of the bus station in Hörby.

Karnas Hill has seven different boules courts, three 1 km long jogging tracks, as well as an 18-hole disk golf (or Frisbee golf) course. Frisbee golf is like playing golf with a Frisbee. 

For a more relaxing visit, Karnas Hill also has picnic areas with grills and seating.


Trädpromenad, Fulltofta Strövområde The Tree
near "Fulltofta
offers a walk 7
meters in the air.


Hiking / walking in the area surrounding Hörby

The area around Hörby has a lot to offer casual and serious hikers alike. The Skåne Trail “Skåneleden” passes through Hörby and has a junction of two main trails just to the north of town.

Fulltofta Naturcentrum  (Fulltofta Nature and Visitors Center)
- pictured to the right -
lies in a charmingly renovated barn.

The Nature Center offers exciting, interactive, and pedagogical exhibits for all ages and minds. Any visit can be improved by a snack in the café, childish mischief in the nature play area, or a walk 7 meters in the air (!) on The Tree Promenade “Trädpromenaden” (image above).


There are nine nature reserves within the Municipality of Hörby, two of which are close to the town Hörby. 

Fulltofta Naturcentrum, utifrån


Hörby Fälads naturreservat, strax utanför Hörby  


Hörby Pasture Nature Reserve (Hörby Fälads naturreservat)

BacksippaHörby Pasture (pictured above) lies in the northwestern part of urban Hörby. The reserve is comprised of juniper-grasslands and scattered lone-standing trees around a pond. 

There are even swampy places around the pond. 

The reserve bares traces from ages of agricultural and grazing use. There are multiple stone mounds, two standing-stone circles, as well as several iron-age stone burial monuments. 

The pond and swampy areas attract many bird species. Of interest to the bird enthusiast, the reserve has nesting grounds for little grebes, coots, and headed gulls among others.

The vegetation is typical for pastures:
Pasque flowers (see the image = in Swedish: Backsippa),
heather, rose bushes, early purple orchid, and much more can be found in abundance in the reserve. 


Hörby Råby Hällor  



Råby Hällor, liten kartaRåby Loops Nature Reserve

A swing through Råby Loops  (in Swedish: Råby hällor) can only be reccomended!

The reserve lies just 200 meters to the south west of the town Hörby
(200 m from "Hörby Vårdcentral").

Råby Loops is comprised of two different gullies that meet in the north end of the reserve, as well as terraces and the meandering Hörby stream (Hörbyån).   The oxygin-rich brooks favor signal crayfish and trout. The reserve also has many ancient monuments, such as sacrificial stones and cairns.


Råby Hällor, skylt
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Karta, Hörby - Osbyholm

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