Vandra i MittSkåne

Walking trails / hiking trails
in Tjörnarp and Norra Rörum

Woods, lakes, and open fields in the north
Höör municipality  (Höörs kommun) 

Even with wilder nature and less people, it’s still easy to reach. Trains stop in Tjörnarp and busses go to Norra Rörum from Höör.

Bastuflotte, Tjörnarpssjön


Karta, Tjörnarp, vandringsled runt TjörnarpssjönOnce off the train in Tjörnarp, the nature is close by. Only a short walk under the train tracks and you’re there.

Tjörnarp offers beautiful hiking possibilities.

The walk around Tjörnarp lake (Tjörnarpssjön) is a great day trip.

The landscape around Tjörnarp is hilly, with a mix of fields and forests.

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Tjörnarpssjön (Tjörnarp lake)
(see image above)

The lake is a ground-water lake that’s fed by at least two springs.

The lake offers fishing, swimming, and boating. A walking path around the lake leads to many grill and picnic areas.   It’s also a pleasant place to just sit and listen to the sound of the waves. Fishing cards can be bought in Höör tourist center (Höörs turistbyrå) and at Custon road-bar (at road nr 23, near Tjörnarp).


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See a map of Tjörnarpssjön.

More information (Swedish): (Tjörnarpssjöns Fiskevårdsförening).
It is possible to rent a small boat in this lake, Tjörnarpssjön.

Tjörnarpssjön sauna club  (Tjörnarps bastuförening)
operates a floating sauna house on the lake (see the image above).

They have individual saunas, but you can rent the entire floating sauna.  More information about Tjörnarps bastuförening.

Click here for Tjörnarp history (in Swedish):  Tjörnarps historia. (PDF)


Norra Rörum


Karta, Norra Rörum, norr om Höör

Norra Rörum 

Norra Rörum lies in a very beautiful area. The area is a little hilly with many woods. It’s a great place for swimming, fishing, hiking, and climbing. 

There is a small store and a church in the village Norra Rörum. Around this village there are small-scale farms and pastures.

For the bird enthusiast there are also many birds in the area. (The small lakes "Svalemosse" and "Syrkhultasjön")

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Volcano remains 

180 million years ago, there were at least seven active volcanoes and today the area around the big lake "Ring Lake" (Ringsjön) is crossed by two fracture systems with outcroppings of basalt lava.


Basaltkupp,  Norra Rörum, Skåne
Outcroppings from old volcanos, active 180 million years ago.


Quiet area: "Svale mosse" 

"Entrance Moss" (Svale mosse) is a well-protected marshland that the municipality (Höörs kommun) has set aside as a “quiet area”.  The idea is that quiet should have its place too, and noisy companies are not allowed to operate in the area.

The plant life of "Svale mosse" is typical of a marsh, including cross-leaves heath, cloudberry, and deer grass.

Greylag goose, black-throated loon, and grouse also live in the area. 

Directions to Svale mosse:

Starting from the road between Norra Rörum and Tyringe:
6 km from the crossing in Norra Rörum, (12.5 km south of Tyringe), take a left toward Ringhult and continue 3.5 km, to where the road takes a hard right turn at a four-way crossing. Park the car at a reasonable place and continue by foot on theforest road that goes strait forward. Automobil traffic is not allowed on the forest road. The walk to Svale mosse is only a few minutes long.