Vandra i MittSkåne

Walking / hiking around Höör (Skåne, Sweden)

Höörs GästisThe trains stops several times an hour in Höör.

By train Höör is 20 min. from the university-town of Lund (Øresundståg) and 15 min. from the town of Hässleholm.
See departures at Skånetrafiken.

Höör is a good starting point for many outdoor destinations / activities, including the hiking trail "Skåneleden" (The Skåne Trail).

Höör lies on a boundary between landscapes, with woods / forests in the north, and fields and farms to the south. 

The countryside around Höör has many lakes, both large (like Ringsjön) and small (Vaxsjön, Dagstorpssjön).

The town Höör has many shops, and 5 supermarkets with food.
In the area around Höör you will find several places worth visiting: the woods and lakes around Frostavallen, Skånes Djurpark (Skåne zoo, with nordic animals)

Bosjökloster slott (the castle, park and gardens,  with many concerts, and a nice view over the lake Ringsjön, open to the public).

Badbryggor vid Vaxsjön, nära Frostavallen, norr om Höör
The idyllic lake Vaxsjön, (close to Frostavallen, north of Höör)
Höör Jazz
Höör is small town with many lively cultural events, such as:
concerts, art exibitions, cinema, an annual opera in the summer (where opera singers work together with young people, to put on an opera: Höörs Sommaropera), an annual Baroque Music festival  - Barockfestivalen - with events in the concert hall: Kulturhuset Anders  


Places to swim (lakes)
around Höör:

Dagstorpssjön – 2 places along the
northern side of the lake
Västra Ringsjön
(West Ringsjön)  – Gamla Boo
Östra Ringsjön
(East Ringsjön) – Sätofta badplats
Vaxsjön (the image above)
Tjörnarpssjön, north of Höör
Fishing in the area around Höör:
Månstorps fiskevatten, Hallaröd
Note ! You need a licence for fishing. You can buy it
in the Tourist Center in Höör.



Outdoor recreation around Höör:

Höör has many areas for outdoor recreation, both close by and further away from the town.

Here are just some (of many) destinations around Höör:


"Skånes Mitt", med ett konstverk, som ligger inne i Höör, vid en damm"Hälsans stig"
is a 5 km long walking path within the urban part of Höör.

On the path you will find this building, (see image) called "Skånes Mitt"  - the midpoint of the region Skåne. 
At "Skånes Mitt" you can enjoy the sound of running water, from a small river, and the view over a small lake, just in the middle of Höör - and in the middle of Skåne !

You can find maps in the Tourist office in Höör with "Hälsans stig". This path also has its own signs, making it easy to find the path.


Orup, utanför Höör"Orups strövområde"
lies just south of Höör
(see the image with a white building).

This area is easy to reach with bike or bus from Höör.

Orup has an area with pleasant hills and woods, 5 different walking paths, and a path for Mountain bikes.



Karta, Fogdarödsslingan"Fogdarödsslingan"
is a 5 km long walking path, situated to the north east of Höör. The path takes you through a beautiful beach wood.
This area is situated to the north of the road nr 13 (from Höör to Hörby).

Some winters (with snow) you can go cross-country skiing in the area around "Fogdaröd". 

Click on the map to the right
- and get a large map.



Höörs Mölla, i södra delen av Höör, vid Höörsån"Brottets bana": 
A trail along the old railroad tracks to a unused / closed stone quary.  It is a 3 km long walking trail that is easy to reach from Höör.

From the urban part of Höör (Höörs Mölla or the street Flygarevägen) the trails goes straight to the old quary.

The stone from the quary was transported along this trail to Höör, and the railway was established in 1905. The stone was used in Lund for the renovation of the cathedral in Lund (Lunds Domkyrka).

See more about the hiking trail vandringsleden Brottets Bana  (in Swedish)


Frostavallen recreation area  (Frostavallens strövområde) is described on this website, on the page for Frostavallen - Dagstorp.


Höörsån, en plats som ligger mellan Flygarevägen och Höörs Mölla