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Walking / hiking - Ludvigsborg & Osbyholm

ICA Ludvigsborg
Ludvigsborg has both shop and bus connections to Höör and Hörby.

From Ludvigsborg it’s easy to get to the Ring Lake (Ringsjön) and to the Skåne Trail (Skåneleden).

Bus 470 between Höör and Hörby stops in Ludvigsborg.
See departures. It´s a 15 minutes trip from Höör to Ludvigsborg.

There is a guesthouse / Bed and Breakfast and a grocery store in Ludvigsborg. The bus stop in Ludvigsborg is conveniently outside the grocery store.

Karta, Ludvigsborg (norr om Hörby)The easiest way to get from Ludvigsborg to the Skåne Trail (Skåneleden) is to go across Road 13 toward Södra Rörum and Bondemölla.
After 800 meters the road splits. Go right and continue about 1 km and you’re at a crossing North to South (Nord-Syd) and
Edge to Edge (Ås-Ås) trails of the Skåne Trail (Skåneleden).

To visit the Ring Lake (Ringsjön) go in the opposite direction, away from road 13 to the south, toward Fulltofta. 
The roads that go to the lake end near the lake. However, a visit to the
Nun’s graveyard (Nunnäs Gravfält) is worth the extra steps. 
See more of  Nunnäs Gravfält (in Swedish)

You can even continue down to the Fulltofta nature reserve (Fulltofta naturreservat).

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Karta: Osbyholm / vid Hörby och Östra Ringsjön

Osbyholm (map above) has good transit connections from Kristianstad, Malmö, Lund and Eslöv:

The Skåne Trail (Skåneleden) passes through Osbyholm. Once there, follow the trail-markers to get on the Skåne Trail.
Osbyholm has been inhabited for a long time. The old mill and stone bridge were built in the 1100’s. The castle was built in the 1600’s. 


Naturreservatet Askebacken, Osbyholm, Hörby 

The nature reserve with a view over the lake:
"Askebacken med Lyby stubbskottsäng"

The name of the reserve is "Ash Hill With Lyby Bed of Stump-Shoots" (Askebacken med Lyby Stubbskottsäng).

The reserve is located just south of Osbyholm on a northern slope overlooking the Ring Lakes. The landscape is small-scale, species-rich, and diverse. Plants of the area include anemone, wild garlic, orchid, globe-flower, and much more.

The reserve is an easy place to get to. From Osbyholm, go south and follow the road signs toward Lyby. The reserve will be on the right-hand side. Once inside the reserve, it’s easy to get around and there is a small parking lot.

Read more about this reserve  Askebacken / Lyby stubbskottsäng  (in Swedish, website at "Länsstyrelsen").