Vandra i MittSkåne

Walking / hiking around "Ringsjön"
(the Ring lake)

Ringsjön (the Ring lake) lies in central Skåne, only 20-40 min. from Lund / Malmö. The lake has 3 parts: West and East Ringsjön, as well as the smaller, Sätoftasjön.

Vy över Ringsjön, med rapsfält  


Karta, vandra runt hela RingsjönIt is easy to hike / walk and bike around the lakes. But most of the time you will hike / ride on small car roads.

We suggest beginning from the small village Osbyholm (between Hörby and the East Ringsjön).

Buses from Malmö, Lund, and Kristianstad stop in Osbyholm.

A hiking trail called "Skåneleden" goes through Osbyholm. If you begin there and walk west-wards, you can follow the "Skåneleden" along the south bank of the East Ringsjön (Östra Ringsjön).

This part with Skåneleden has orange trail-markers. 

Follow the trail in the map (to the right). Click on the map.


Some interesting places along this hike:

*  The village Stehag: Here you can take the train south to Lund and Malmö (with connecting trains to Copenhagen, in Denmark). See departures at Skånetrafiken.

*  At "Stenlycke", close to the road nr 23 (see the map), there is a restaurant and hotel called "Ringsjö Krog och Wärdshus"  (one of the finest restaurants in this area).

*  At the south bank of East Ringsjön, just outside Osbyholm, you  will find "Hörby Ringsjöstrand". It has a conference center and a fine restaurant, with a beautiful view of the lake. 

Strand vid Östra Ringsjön 

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