Vandra i MittSkåne

Walking / hiking - Frostavallen and Dagstorp

Frostavallens strövområde (Frostavallen Recreation Area) offers varied nature, with woods and lakes.

From Höör there is a bike path / walking path with a hard surface, that can be used by strollers / prams and wheelchairs. There are buses from Höör central station to Frostavallen.

Karta:  Frostavallen - DagstorpssjönThis area, Frostavallens strövområde, has 5 different hiking / walking loops.

The shortest is only 3 km, it goes around the idyllic lake "Vaxsjön". It is also open to wheel chairs, and convenient for children. The longest loop is almost 10 km.

This area has 2 different lakes:  Vaxsjön and Dagstorpssjön. Both offer good swimming and fishing.

(See the map: Vaxsjön to the east, and Dagstorpssjön to the west).


For the fishing you need a licence that you can buy at the Tourist office in Höör. Children under 13 years can go fishing for free.

The area has 4 different campsites, with a roof that you can sleep under, and fire pits with wood.

There are also a youth hostel, a hotel, and an area for mobile home/RV camping.

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Badbryggor vid Vaxsjön, nära Frostavallen, norr om Höör
The idyllic lake Vaxsjön, (close to Frostavallen, north of Höör)



FoxThe zoo of Nordic animals
(Skånes Djurpark)

The Skåne zoo,  Skånes Djurpark is a great family destination.

It has many nordic animals (both tame and wild).

Within the 100 hectar park, they have about 75 different species of animals.