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PilgrimsledenPilgrim Trail: Höör - Hallaröd

The 16 km long trail takes you from Höör to Hallaröd church.

The trail is marked by the symbol (see the image to the right).

Karta, Pilgrimsleden, som går norrut från HöörFacts about Höör:

By train Höör is about 20 min. from the university-town of Lund, and 15 min. from the town of Hässleholm.

To reach the "Pilgrim Trail" you can start at the train station in Höör. 

From the west side of Höör station, walk down to the small lake (Tjurasjö) and from the lake you will see "Stiftsgården Åkersberg" on your right. The Pilgrim Trail starts at Stiftsgården Åkersberg (a conference center owned by the church of Sweden). 


Hallaröds kyrkaClick on the map to see a detailed description of the whole trail.



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Sittplats, vid St Olofs källa